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Drowning in Your Numbers?
You’re not alone!

Bookkeeping and accounting often leaves women entrepreneurs feeling overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain about their financial decisions.

Struggling to balance daily operations and financial responsibilities

Grappling with complex financial lingo and software

Deprived of real-time insights to make financial decisions for your business

Feeling stressed and anxious when making financial decisions

Gain Confidence in Your Numbers

Having confidence in your numbers is the foundation for making informed decisions, driving growth, and ensuring the financial health and success of your business.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Decisions based on accurate and insightful information is pivotal for steering your business in the right direction, minimizing risks, and maximizing opportunities for success.

Get Support & an Accountability Partner

A dedicated team can handle tasks like bookkeeping and offer financial guidance. This support system acts as an accountability partner, celebrating your wins and helping you stay on track for success.

We believe all women deserve…

Access to accurate bookkeeping.

Accountability partner.

Real-time financial data.

Digestible insights to create healthy, sustainable, and profitable businesses.

What Our Clients Have to Say

In the first year, my new company generated far more revenue than I thought possible. Kickstart helps me to project and keep everything in order when it comes to my books.

If there is ONE thing, I would tell a new business owner to make sure to do, it would be to hire a reputable and competent bookkeeper. I couldn’t be happier with Kickstart and how they have helped to set me up for success in year one. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for year two.

– Lindsay Pinchuk, Marketing + Consulting

I started designing cards after my husband’s cancer diagnosis in 2017. I wanted to create cards that used our motto, “Laughter is the best medicine” to support the cancer community. My business, Better + Co., grew to include cards for all seasons and became Five Dot Post in 2021. As a solopreneur supporting our family with my business, any time I could delegate made a world of difference. Leaving the numbers to the numbers people has been a huge weight off my shoulders!

– Jessica, Five Dot Post

The entire KSA team is fantastic! Not only do they offer high-touch support with their thoughtful and timely email responses, video calls, and detailed reports – but they are a phenomenal resource when considering your next important business decision or investment. They are not the average bookkeeping service that merely treats you like a number, they become an integral part of your team. To say I’m happy with the service is an understatement and my business has grown exponentially since working with them. Highly recommend booking a consultation, like right now!

– Delanie Fischer

Our Process


Book a Call

You’re in control – book a call where we tailor options and find the perfect package for you and your business.



Our hands-on onboarding guides you through setup of our strategic framework, organization of your finances, and understanding your financials



Your power, our tools – real-time financial snapshots empower you to make informed decisions about your business’s future.

About Kickstart Accounting

About Kickstart

At Kickstart Accounting, Inc., we’re not just another accounting firm. We’re a catalyst for change, a partner in your entrepreneurial journey, and a beacon of financial empowerment.

Founded by Danielle, a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with over a decade of experience, our firm is driven by a passionate mission to support and elevate women entrepreneurs who are redefining entrepreneurship.

Empowering Financial Confidence

Kickstart Accounting, Inc. is not merely a bookkeeping firm; we are your partners in growth. Our mission is to empower women entrepreneurs to navigate their financial journey with unshakable confidence. We believe that every challenge can be turned into an opportunity, and every financial decision holds the potential to shape a thriving business.

Discover the Secrets of Mastering Money as a CEO

This 12-week planner includes weekly goals as well as a Monday-Friday day-by-day task to complete. Here’s what the planner will do for you…

  • Lower your operating costs!
  • Clear up financial confusion!
  • Boost your profitability!
  • Help you achieve your business goals!

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