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Danielle Hayden

About Danielle

Danielle Hayden is a reformed corporate CFO (chief financial officer) who is on a mission to help rule-breaking female entrepreneurs understand their numbers so they can gain the confidence needed to create sustainable profits.

After spending 10+ years in the boardroom as a corporate finance officer, Danielle is now in her sweet spot as the CEO of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. where she helps business owners with bookkeeping, financial analysis, and education and as the author of the Profit Planner book series. When Danielle isn’t in her money mindset you can find her hiking or spending time with her family.


Talking Points


Money Mindset strategies to release money blocks and stories


The 3 financial #s numbers every business owner needs to know


How to use those numbers to set your goals and run your business like a CEO


How healthy spending increases profitability.



Why is it important to take home a paycheck, how to determine how much to pay yourself, and the difference between an S Corp and an LLC?


When is it time to hire? What is the difference between 1099 and employees? 


How often should entrepreneurs be reviewing their financials? What to look at, when and why. 


What are action-based strategies business owners can use to strengthen their money mindset?

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Client Testimonial

Recently, Danielle graced our LIVE summit for female entrepreneurs in the boutique wellness industry with her presence and expertise.

Her involvement in this event was nothing short of remarkable. Danielle delivered two insightful presentations that were not only extremely relevant to our attendees but also exceptionally practical and actionable. Her ability to simplify complex financial concepts into tangible strategies was evident, making the topics accessible even to novice business owners.

Danielle’s well-prepared, dynamic approach, combined with her down-to-earth and relatable demeanor, made her a standout contributor to the summit. Her presentations went beyond merely imparting knowledge; they empowered our attendees with the tools necessary for understanding and managing their finances effectively.

As a mentor and guide in the realms of accounting, finance, and sustainable business growth, Danielle continues to be my go-to expert. Her contributions have been invaluable, and her impact on our program and summit is deeply appreciated.

Any organization would benefit immensely from her expertise and engaging presentation style.

Christa Gurka MSPT, NCPT

Founder & CEO, Pilates in the Grove

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