Are you navigating divorce as a business owner or considering prenuptial agreements? Lisa Zeiderman, a seasoned matrimonial attorney, joins Danielle to discuss prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, emphasizing honesty and kindness during the process. She highlights the importance of meticulous bookkeeping and self-protection through immediate action and document provision. Join in for this not romantic, but potentially life-saving episode.

Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Lisa’s Mission & Journey from Fashion to A Leading Matrimonial Law Firm  (0:51)

Lisa’s Entrepreneurial Drive & Biggest Lesson Learned (2:14)

Prenups: Protecting Business Assets in Marriage (4:02)

Timing Matters: Having the Prenup Conversation (9:40)

Post-Prenup Marriage Action: Keep Business Finances Clean, & Organized (12:49)

Mindset Mastery Framework (16:40)

Post-Marriage Protenction When Invetsing In New Ventures (17:41)

Post-Nuptial Agreement Considerations and Consistent Adherence (21:07)

How to Protect Yourself When Considering Divorse (26:13)

Kindness and Honesty Foster Smoother Divorce Negotiations (27:53)

Advice For Business Owner’s Navigating Divorce (29:53)


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