EP 27 – Your Tax Questions Answered with Sarah Fox, CPA

December 21, 2021

Meet Sarah Fox, CPA, and Co-owner of Fox Tax Partners. From working at the prestigious NYC Eisner LLP ,listed among the nation’s largest full-service advisory and accounting firms, to opening her own practice in 2012, Sarah has represented clients large and small for over 20 years and continues to provide the same dedication to all her clients. Practicing public accounting since she graduated college, Sarah has hands-on experience with businesses in multiple industries and markets. Staying ahead of the tax law’s frequent changes is Sarah’s sixth sense.

In this episode, Sarah tackles common tax questions like:

– What happens if I don't pay my quarterly estimated taxes throughout the year?

– Do I need to pay quarterly taxes even if my business takes a loss?

Plus, Sarah and I are diving into why it's crucial to have the support of more than one type of accounting professional in your business!

Connect with Sarah:
Website | https://foxtaxpartners.com/

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