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Kickstart Accounting Inc. is the accountability partner you need to support your financial goals. We are experts at using technology and implementing financial strategies that help entrepreneurs understand their numbers. We provide custom analysis, along with accurate financial statements on a monthly/quarterly basis.


Hear What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying About Us

“Kickstart Accounting, Inc. did a fantastic job setting up our accounting system By continually checking, recording, and updating our reports, Kickstart allows me to focus on the growth of my business. The Kickstart team provides outstanding advice – highly recommended!”

Beth Eaton, CEO Race Ahead, Inc.

“Kickstart Accounting has been fantastic to keep my small business organized. It has been so great to get bookkeeping off of my to-do list and to know it’s being taken care of by qualified accountants who know the ins and outs. I also love the accountability that Kickstart offers- we schedule a time to discuss my profit-loss statement and discuss how I can grow my business financially. This has been a huge help!”

Kelsey O’Neil @ Klick Digital

“The team did a fantastic job getting our accounting systems set up and caught up. I had no idea how my business was doing financially and it has been so empowering having this team’s help understand our financials and help me make good financial decisions to grow my business. I am so excited to have a consistent team to help me grow my business.”

Jennah Lear, Founder of Blue Loui Studios

“I’m a multi-six-figure business owner, so I thought I had a good handle on my finances until I read the Profit Planner. Its simple-to-implement advice makes a POWERFUL impact, and I love the focus on profit. This planner has me reevaluating my numbers and actually excited about accounting (something I never thought I’d say!).”

Carissa M., Marketing Coach, and Online Course Creator

Our Proven Process

Onboarding Call to Meet Your Devoted Team

QuickBooks Implementation & Restructuring

Set & Forget KPI Overview via Email

Use Our Tiered System & Additional Services to Create the Perfect Booking System for Your Business

Additional Services

Cash Management

Cash Management

Our team offers cash management services which include paying invoices, bills, and subscriptions for you. These will be tracked in a weekly dashboard. This service allows you to step back from tracking incoming invoices and bills. It is also beneficial to your business to allow our team access to this information, as it allows us an exclusive insight into your spending habits and expenses. You will spend less time paying bills and more time running your business. All of this data is used to council and analyze what decisions are best for your financial practices.


This add-on is essential for most small businesses. We recommend all of our clients take advantage of this additional service (at least the first year.) Our budget service is a quarterly meeting where you meet with your team to go over spending habits compared to business goals. We use our strategic framework to align your actuals with our recommended percentages. This is not a ‘One Size Fits All' approach – this is industry-specific with experts. This analysis provides insight into your business's health – financially AND sets a guideline for the next quarter.

Invoice and Collections

Invoice & Collections

Does your business need help managing outgoing invoices? We are able to aid in sending, processing, and receiving payments. Ideally, this process includes the management of invoices after they have been finalized and delivered by your client and before the payment is received. Having an established team and workflow for your invoicing allows for fewer cash flow problems in the future. Allowing our team to take over this process ensures detail-oriented management of incoming cash flow. With this insight, we can better adjust your revenue and expenses.


As your business grows, you will be adding new members to your team. We offer Payroll set-up through Gusto if you currently do not have a process in place. We also offer payroll management allowing us to handle all aspects of payroll services, you can enroll in one or both services depending on your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kickstart file my taxes?

Not internally, but we offer an even better option! We firmly believe in the principle of having checks and balances when it comes to your accounting. To embrace this principle, we have an amazing tax partner who dedicates her firm to Kickstart clients. She is a powerhouse CPA with over 20 years of experience. Our clients benefit from a team that collaborates with their tax preparer, creating a smooth and efficient tax preparation experience. We are happy to answer any questions regarding the tax prep experience during the Discovery Call!

How do I know if KSA is right for me?

KSA is a great match for you if:

  • You are NOT confident in your business’ bookkeeping
  • Need additional support in understanding your numbers
  • Your business financials are unorganized or nonexistent
  • Looking for a team of experts to support you
  • Want to plan ahead for tax time

KSA may not be the best fit if:

  • You want an indirect approach to your finances
  • Prefer managing your own Quickbooks – we may be a little too hands-on for you!

Do clients have to work with your tax partner?

Of course not! If you have a tax preparer that you love, we are happy to work with them.

Let us help you run your business instead of your business running you.

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