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As the Lead Account Manager of a women-run accounting firm, we boost financial confidence for female entrepreneurs. Beyond bookkeeping & accounting, we provide insights for effortless financial control. Access real-time snapshots for informed decisions, empowering your business to thrive.

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How to Pay Yourself as a Business Owner

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Ways To Work With Us

My mission: Transforming entrepreneurship with financial data and empowerment through bookkeeping, analysis, and support

Option 1: My Courses


Learn effective budgeting techniques to manage your money with confidence
Understand your cash flow and make informed decisions for financial stability
Gain practical strategies to reduce debt and improve your financial health
Acquire skills to evaluate investments and make smart financial choices
Implement risk management practices to safeguard your financial future.

Take charge of your financial journey today with our “5-Day Video Bootcamp” and experience the empowerment of mastering your finances in just five focused days

Option 2: Bookkeeping & Tax Services

Are you ready to take bookkeeping off your plate as a business owner and finally work with a tax team that communicates in a way you can understand, is friendly, and supportive?

At Kickstart Accounting Inc., we offer expert bookkeeping services tailored to the unique needs of women business owners.

  • Gain financial clarity
  • Save time
  • Ensure compliance
  • Strategize for growth with our dedicated team

We’re not just bookkeepers and accountants; we’re your partners in success. Join us in building your thriving business today.

Option 3: Business By The Books

As your money expert, I’m hosting a weekly free resource for women business owners. I want you to have never before access to this information and insights. Your sneak peek into the strategies used by top investors and entrepreneurs tailored for you the small business owner.

Together, we’ll explore the financial journeys of successful women entrepreneurs, clear action strategies, and inspiration.

Why Listen to Me?

Real-Life Wisdom: I’ve been there, and I’m sharing what I’ve learned.

Practical Guidance: Get actionable financial strategies.

Motivation: Let’s empower you to take control of your finances.

Community: Join a network of supportive women like you.

Kind Words

Kickstart Accounting has been with me since the beginning; when I barely had profit to show. To be honest, I was so embarrassed. But I knew that I would grow and I’d want the best support possible to help me do it, and they were with me through $20k investments, to $120k profits. As a busy business owner, I feel relief that I can stay in my zone of genius and the KSA team keeps an eye on my numbers so I can make the next best business decision through each quarter to grow + hit my goals.

– Blue Loui Studios

2019: $1400
2020: $50K
2021: $125K

Keeping the numbers straight is such a wonderful thing to delegate to women who love numbers and make them easy to understand!! love the personalized recommendations, the support and the quick response times when I have questions. Kickstart made implementing payroll an ease!

– Ann Konkoly

The team at Kickstart Accounting has been amazing. As a start-up founder, I juggle many hats and found that keeping my accounting and QuickBooks up-to-date was nearly impossible. Luckily, I found Kickstart which not only keeps my books in order, but they also help me think through my financial goals and support those goals with weekly updates. I couldn’t do business without them.

– Cell Phone Seat

Danielle Hayden

About Danielle

Danielle Hayden is a reformed corporate CFO (chief financial officer) who is on a mission to help rule-breaking female entrepreneurs understand their numbers so they can gain the confidence needed to create sustainable profits.

After spending 10+ years in the boardroom as a corporate finance officer, Danielle is now in her sweet spot as the CEO of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. where she helps business owners with bookkeeping, financial analysis, and education and as the author of the Profit Planner book series. When Danielle isn’t in her money mindset you can find her hiking or spending time with her family.


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