Sarah Fox, CPA & Co-Founder Fox Tax Partners

Kickstart Accounting Inc. recommends that all small businesses have what we call a ‘Financial Dream Team’.

There are three components to this team – Bookkeeping, Tax Accounting, and Financial Planning. While we offer bookkeeping services to small businesses & entrepreneurs, we can not be the other members of that team. Instead, we have referral partners that we trust to take care of our clients!

Fox Tax Partners is a KSA Referral Partner and has been for a few years.

They work closely with your bookkeeping team to e ensure your financials are being filed and handled correctly. While they are not currently taking new clients they have created a special waiting list just for KSA clients like you!

If you are interested in becoming a client of Fox Tax Partners, please complete the form below to be notified when they are ready to serve you!


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More About Fox Tax Partners & Sarah Fox

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Fox Tax Partners represents clients across the country. Their firm specializes in small business tax preparation and consulting. Whether you are a newly formed start-up or an established business, they will help you fulfill your tax filing requirements, while minimizing your tax bill and strategizing for the future. Fox Tax Partners bring extensive experience, professionalism, and commitment to every client and customize the support to your individual needs and concerns.

In the fall of 2012, Sarah chose to walk away from her longtime Firm to spend more time with her family. Thanks in part to her dedicated clients, an idea was born. Ray joined the firm in 2020 and Fox Tax Partners has grown to service over 500 clients nationwide. The entrepreneurial spirit shines through in the way they make their clients feel they are beginning a journey together, navigating the many challenges that individuals and companies face, as a team. They believe strongly that meeting with your CPA should not be something to fear, but rather an opportunity to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from understanding your financial situation.