Hey CEO! Our Money Mindset Mastery has been going strong into the fall, and we are so proud of our clients who have taken their journey to a healthier money mindset into their own hands! It’s such a joy to see their success stories come to life and help them find the tools to thrive. 

>> I was so excited to share one such story on this week’s episode. Listen here! 

These triumphs don’t just happen overnight; they are the product of entrepreneurs who choose to begin taking steps towards their long-term goal fulfillment. Here are five steps you can start taking today! 

  1. Negative Self-Talk: Reframe thoughts that diminish your self-worth, such as saying “I’m not a numbers person” or “I’m not enough.” Replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations to improve self-confidence and overall mindset. 
  2. Ignoring Your Budget: Create a personal budget that covers what your family needs to survive and thrive. This will help align your business goals with your personal financial requirements and prevent financial stress. 
  3. Ignoring Your Money Mindset: Recognize and address your money mindset type, healing any negative beliefs or habits related to money. Overcome negative attitudes towards finances to create a healthier relationship with your finances. 
  4. Trading Short-Term Happiness for Long-Term Fulfillment: Avoid impulsive spending that provides short-term gratification but hinders your long-term financial goals. Prioritize your business and personal objectives over fleeting pleasures. 
  5. Living the YOLO Lifestyle: Overcome the “You Only Live Once” mentality that encourages impulsive spending and focuses on immediate gratification. Make thoughtful financial decisions that align with your long-term goals and self-actualization. 

Remember that the shiny objects are temporary. By taking control of your money mindset, you can build your own confidence, your business, and a legacy that will last. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but gaining a more in-depth understanding of your finances can empower you to achieve feelings of stability and safety and chase down your goals. 


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