May is here already, can you believe that? Once this month is over, 2021 will be half gone! We have certainly come a long way from the beginning of 2020. It’s amazing to have seen the progress since the start of the Pandemic.

Businesses had to adapt in completely new ways between then and now, with lots of techniques moving to tech-based platforms. Even before this time, though, you as a business owner know the importance of having organized systems!

Systems allow you to streamline tasks and be more productive with your time and energy. Not to mention it makes stepping away from your business a whole lot easier! I can see it now, tropical beach, sand in your toes, margarita in hand – you’re on vacation while someone else manages your business!

Now repeat after me: Work smarter, not harder!

If you’re manually controlling your projects, you’re probably spending just as much time organizing your projects as you are working on the projects! Look into software that can reduce your workload while simultaneously streamlining and creating systems. We recommend to look into Project management software such as:

  • ClickUp


  • Asana

  • Teamwork

Now that we’ve covered systems, it’s time to over Billing. What does your billing look like? 

  • We know how you’re tracking projects, but how are you making sure you get paid for your work?

  • What does your billing system look like, and what systems do you have in place?

  • Have you considered using an automated system that will bill your clients for time worked or for their recurring invoices?

  • Have you considered an invoicing system such as Freshbooks?

  • Do you know the features and benefits of your current accounting system?

We encourage you to reflect on these questions and consider learning how to improve your current systems to help you get a kick-start to success. We are here to help, so please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your new systems! Remember, setting up a new system can affect your financials, so stay in touch with your accountants about business changes so we can discuss possible financial impact.





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