Here are our TOP recommendations for all you service based businesses that need a little extra hand when it comes to your business.

Tip #1:

Separate your personal and business finances if you haven’t already! This will make your bookkeeping easier and take some mental load off of trying to remember transactions. Separate accounts also help protect you from any legal issues.

Tip #2:

Try to automate as much as possible. There are a plethora of softwares that can improve your operations and help save you money and time.

Tip #3:

Set reminders – or create a calendar of important dates in your business. You always want to make sure you are prepared for any big expenses that will be coming out. Reminders can also be kept for important tax dates – like estimated tax payment due dates.

Obviously the best advice we can offer is to prioritize your finances – whether that is outsourcing or doing it yourself – we hope these tips will help you!