Creating a Great Work Environment as a Small Business

June 30, 2022

When you’re finally to the point you have a trustworthy staff you love, it’s always good to make sure they feel treated well! Here are a few tips on ensuring your staff feels respected in their position! 
☝️ First, it’s important to create an engaging culture. Engaged employees are five times less likely to voluntarily leave the company. This is an obvious surface-level value, (who doesn’t love employee retention?) but their long-term effects are even more powerful. If you have staff, make it an engaging place.⠀ 
👩 👩 Work with your employees 1:1. In order for employees to remain engaged in their work “and you're the mission, keep them excited. Help them set personal goals. Give feedback (both formally and informally—you don’t have to be rigid), create a culture of freedom and autonomy, give feedback, and set a good example of efficiency.⠀ 
🔎 Set clear expectations with both your staff and yourself about their roles. Have a thorough job description and project tasks for your staff so they know their key role. Create a list of your staff members (employees, contractors, and key partners) and list each of their tasks. Do you have the right people in the right places? 

Check out the Stacking Your Team podcast to learn more about keeping a great work environment even as a small business owner!

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