Think your business is too small to benefit from CFO services? This episode of Business By The Books will change your mind. Join Danielle Hayden and Victoria Hughes as they explore the benefits of partnering with Kickstart Accounting Inc. They discuss the benefits of outsourcing CFO services and introduce the signature CFO Framework, a strategic overview of how Kickstart Accounting Inc. helps business owners manage debt, make data-driven decisions, and plan for the future.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Kickstart’s CFO services provide strategic financial guidance to small business owners, taking a holistic approach to integrate personal goals and financial planning.
  • Mindset matters! Small business owners or even solopreneurs can benefit from CFO services if they’re ready to commit and put in the work to reach their goals.
  • The Kickstart CFO framework offers tailored financial strategies and comprehensive support, including personal and business assessments, custom budgets, KPI monitoring, forecasting, and more.
  • Knowing your numbers is the foundation for making informed decisions that drive business success.

Topics Discussed: 

Danielle’s story: from creative to corporate CFO (0:00)

The role of a CFO in small businesses (7:07)

Benefits of outsourcing a CFO (11:08)

Kickstart’s CFO framework (13:20)

What’s included in the Kickstart CFO service (27:16)


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