EP 04 – Amy Schultz’ Mission to build the wealthiest generation of women we’ve ever seen

July 16, 2021

Today's guest, Amy is on a mission is to build the wealthiest generation of women we've ever seen.

Amy is the Co-Founder and Head Money Coach at Ready.Steady.Money. She began her career helping large companies manage wealth but became a money coach after recognizing how people in her life needed a more practical and human approach to money management.

As a Certified Money Coach, Amy utilizes a powerful psycho-dynamic coaching model that combines practical financial guidance with sound coaching principles to help you deeply explore, understand and transform your relationship with money.

Listen in as she opens up about this mission and why she started offering money coaching for women. Plus, hear about her own journey with money, as she opens up about tackling debt, embracing entrepreneurship, and more!

Connect with Amy:
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Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/smartgirlmoney/

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