Megan Gillikan is an entrepreneur, podcast host and wife and mother. In addition to her wedding planning business, Megan currently owns the wedding planner education and membership site, The Planner’s Vault and hosts the Weddings for Real Podcast. 

Megan’s goal is to help wedding planners build their businesses with less stress and more profitability. 

In this episode, Megan talks about how she shifted her mindset into entrepreneurship and how she was able to push past her limiting beliefs around money to grow a successful business. 

In this episode, Megan also discusses: 

  • How she purchased her business and the money mindset hurdles that came with it
  • How perfectionism holds you back
  • The money mindset that came from her upbringing 
  • How you can stop avoiding the topic of money 
  • How to stop the hustle mode and burnout with business 
  • The importance of outsourcing and hiring out in your business 
  • Running two businesses at the same time 

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