Brooke Bowersock is the owner of Align Fitness Collective in Austin, Tx and has also been a Pilates instructor since 2000. In addition Brooke is also a mentor and teacher for others looking to expand their Pilates practice. Recently, Brooke hosted a Pilates continuing education conference called Align Summit where instructors can get continuing education, credits, workshops, business discussion and information to learn and grow in their teaching.

In this episode, Brooke and Danielle talk about important accounting and business information for fitness studios and how you can get the most out of your business money.

In this episode, Brooke also discusses: 

  • What made her want to host the Align Summit
  • When to know if you should set up an LLC 
  • What is an S Corp and when you should become one
  • Employees vs. independent contractors
  • The mindset shifts you need to make to grow your business
  • Setting up business insurance and when you need it
  • Pricing and the mindset shift around it
  • Creating extra sources of income for your business

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Things Mentioned in Today’s Episode: 

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