Sarah Walton is an author, speaker and a business mentor to women who want to launch, grow and maintain successful businesses and careers that they love. Sarah’s mission is to help more money get into the hands of more women.  

In this episode, Sarah talks about her journey from poverty to successful business owner and why healing your relationship with money is so important in order to move forward. 

In this episode, Sarah also discusses: 

  • How her background and childhood shaped her current business 4:55
  • The transformation she provides to her clients 11:18
  • Why healing your relationship with money is so important 12:00
  • Money mindset and how she was able to shift her beliefs 14:09
  • How she was able to heal her relationship with money 16:56
  • Shifting from an employee mindset to a CEO mindset 20:44
  • The importance of constant personal development 28:12
  • Why it’s so important to invest in a coach 34:15 

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Full Episode Transcripts:

Intro  0:00  

Welcome to entrepreneur money stories, the podcast for women entrepreneurs who want to dig into their money stories so they can break free from limiting beliefs around money once and for all. Hosted by Daniel Hayden, owner of kickstart accounting, Inc. This podcast is a series of real conversations about money mindset with valuable and action packed takeaways for the entrepreneur who’s building their abundant empire. Danielle is a reformed corporate CFO who’s on a mission to help rural breaking female entrepreneurs understand their numbers and gain the confidence to create sustainable profits. And now here’s your host, Danielle Hayden.

Danielle  0:40  

Hello fellow entrepreneurs welcome back to another episode of entrepreneur money stories. Today we have Sarah Walton on the show. Sarah is a business mentor, who’s been featured on The Today Show, speaks at women’s conferences all over the world and has helped hundreds of women start and grow businesses that they love. Originally, Sarah was from Salt Lake City, which she’s going to tell you a little bit of a background story behind that. She spent 15 years in a corporate career in New York City, navigating the male dominated world of tech, managing a p&l. For anybody who’s not sure p&l is profit and loss worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Working closely with Marianne Williamson melted, mentoring dozens of women and balancing motherhood at the same time. She’s the voice behind gay man girlfriend podcast, and she’s known for her weekly Sarah on cut TV show on Youtube and live coffee with Coach streaming video conversations on Monday mornings. I can’t wait to tune into that one. Her specialty is making sales fun as she helps women heal their relationship with money. Sara works with a handful of one on one clients every year, runs her quarterly group coaching spreads and is known for her powerful expansion coaching program. I am so excited for you to hear my conversation with Sara today. We talked a little bit before we pressed the record about that we have so many clients here at kickstarter accounting, that, you know, we’re behind the scenes, we’re working as the accounting team. And what we’re finding is that it’s still difficult for business owners to have a conversation with us. And I think we’re pretty darn friendly. And it’s really difficult for business owners to look at their numbers, have a strategic conversation about them, be held accountable to their numbers, and see their numbers as separate from them as a person as an individual. And by healing our relationship with money, we’re able to step into a confident place as the CEO of our business, as the leader in our business, as the powerful and individual that we need to be in order to get our businesses to the next place. So I know sometimes it can sound a little woowoo to heal your relationship with money. But there’s a reason that we want you to do that. There’s a reason why Sarah and I are talking about this conversation. It is so that you can step into your power, you can have the confidence to be able to use your numbers to make better business decisions. You’ve heard me say this a million times. And there’s a reason why I’m constantly repeating it, we have to see this information, we have to recognize the trends. And we have to ask ourselves, what’s working and what’s not working. So let’s dive in. Let’s start to heal our relationship with money. Sarah gives us a ton of action packed tips. So you have things that you can do right here as you’re listening. So grab your pen and paper or if you’re out taking a walk or driving tag this podcast so that you can come back and actually take these action steps when you get back to business. All right, here’s my conversation with beautiful Sarah. Sarah, welcome to entrepreneur money stories.

Sarah  4:04  

Thank you so much for having me, Danielle. I’m excited to be here today.

Danielle  4:08  

Yeah, this is gonna be a fun conversation. Why don’t we start with a little bit about your background? Like what is your mission in the world today, but a little bit about how you got here? Yeah,

Sarah  4:17  

Why do I care? Yeah, so my mission is to put more money in the hands of more women, which sounds pretty dang ambitious, but that’s my job, or that’s what I consider my job to be. And like most people, it started the day I was five, except that it really did. I was really, really poor. But when I was five, I told my mom I wanted to dance. Like I was very clear. I wanted to dance. This is all I wanted to do. I was like, I think we’re watching the Nutcracker. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, I want to do that. Oh, the

Danielle  4:48  

Nutcracker could have various effects. I mean, come on. I fell asleep and you wanted to become a dancer.

Sarah  4:55  

I don’t think those rats are weird anyway. Yeah, but I wanted to dance. And so we didn’t really have money for dancing. lessons or whatever, but I do my best and I practice and you know, the Janet Jackson videos were a big deal back then Paul Abdul’s thrown chairs all over the place. This is a good time, it’s a good time to like dance. But I was raised in Sandy, Utah, which is a little tiny town outside of Salt Lake City. And there wasn’t that much to do there. I love you guys. But there’s not that much to do there. And so dance was a really big deal. And it came time for me to try out for the high school dance team. And this is all I wanted to do. Like this was such a big deal to me. And I worked my rear end off over the weekend learning that dance. Like I had bruises on my knees on my butt. I mean, anywhere I was working so hard. And I got the news, I’d made the team and I was an ecstatic five year old dream fulfilled at 16, right, like life doesn’t get any better, except that. Then I got the letter about how much it was going to cost for the company jacket, and all the dance costumes and all the shoes. And I don’t know, Danielle, if you’ve ever had one of those moments where you like, watch yourself have an experience. It’s almost like you lift up out and you’re like, well, that’s happening to her right now. Yeah, that’s kind of how that felt. Because there was no way in hell, we could afford these costumes. And I mean, when I say that we were really poor. There were times that we would have half a loaf of bread that my mother had made from scratch, and a jar of honey in the end. Like, that was it and so there really wasn’t an option. This is not like, oh, we kind of couldn’t afford it. Like we could not afford this. And so I got a job at the mall. I don’t know if you remember those of you who watch Stranger Things, but are too young. That’s a mall. Right? Okay. So drew people like what’s on well, they’re these little carts on the side, you could just sell crap. Like, you know, people walk by you’ll see them now people are like, buy our hairspray, whatever. And so I was that lady. But I sold a whole bunch of stuff to people. I was really good at it. I loved it. It was so much fun. And then I got my paycheck. And I was so excited because it was an up for the deposit on these costumes. Like, oh my gosh, I’ve done this. This is amazing. It was such a feeling of accomplishment. And I didn’t have a bank account. So I asked my mom to take me to the grocery store where they have service desks, you could cash checks and stuff. So we’re walking into the grocery store, and she’s holding my younger brother’s hand and he was four and a half, five at the time. And I’m so excited. We walk in and she says Sarah, you know, the strawberries are on sale. Can we get some? And I’m like, okay, strawberries costumes are okay. I think we can. Yes, we can do both. Yes. So I go get my check cash, I have the money in hand, and I go to find my mom and my younger brother in the Express Checkout. And they’re not there. And I’m looking up and down the aisles. And I see them in line with a cart full of groceries. And I know she can’t pay for him. And it’s milk. It’s his favorite breakfast cereal. It’s lunch meats, its bread, the damn strawberries. And I’m standing there in the grocery store, Danielle, and I know, I can pay for something I’ve wanted since I was five. Or I can take care of my family. But I can’t do both. And that decision carried me all the way through my beautiful corporate job. I leave Sandy, Utah, I graduated from UCLA with what

Danielle  8:03  

was the choice which will tell you

Sarah  8:04  

Don’t worry, everybody always like it. Sure. So I know I’m so mean our night I’m so rude. So I came all the way to New York City. I make it I’m making all this money. I’m in my glass office and I’m miserable. I never seen my children. I have this amazing staff, I have a job I really enjoy sort of writing and mostly love the coaching part of it. And I’m sitting there one day, and I’m listening to the clock tick away the seconds of my life in my office, like you know, when you can hear a clock tick, and it’s like really loud. And I’m sitting there going, What the frick am I doing? And it was like, tick, tick. I’m like, I haven’t seen my kids in three days tick, tick. I’m like what the hell. And all of a sudden, I remember that moment in the grocery store. And I realized that there was a 16 year old girl running my life who had decided I couldn’t take care of myself and my family. And so I was taking care of my family, but I was dying. And looking at that moment, it just became so clear to me that there were so many other women going through that and I became committed in that moment to make sure no woman was ever in a situation my mother was in that day. And no woman would ever be in the situation I was in that day and that I am on this planet I have all this business knowledge at this point. I have all this street cred all the p&l I’ve run all the hundreds of millions of dollars that I’ve helped other businesses earn I’m like why am I not teaching this to more women and that was the day I quit literally clock ticking and all I got up and quit. And what had happened that day just so you know, you can see by the trend, right as I bought the groceries. And what happened is the story makes me cry because it’s got an amazing ending for one of my really good friends’ moms. She was in the dance company with me and she’d heard what had happened and she paid for my costumes. Yeah. And what was so cool was in 2019, right before COVID hit. I was hosting an event in Salt Lake City and that mom was in the audience and I got to call her up and introduce her to everybody. It was so cool. And she died in 2020.

Sarah  10:07  

Oh my god.

Sarah  10:08  

I know. So it was like one of those like, can’t orchestrate moments, you know? And

Danielle  10:14  

it’s yeah, he That’s a profound way.

Sarah  10:18  

He was really cool. And I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever had this experience, and he’ll but like I tell that story, right. And sometimes I forget, like, I really went through that. I don’t know if you’ve had that moment like it because you

Danielle  10:28  

tell us, you tell the story so many times, right? And it becomes almost an outside identity, it becomes almost like you forget that that was you that your emotion, right? So it’s almost having to tell the story. And remembering that that was you going through it.

Sarah  10:45  

And to have someone else verify, like, I remember making that payment, I remember getting back and it was like, Oh, my God, this really, really happened and to share that moment in front of other people was ridiculous. It was just amazing. Anyway, that’s why I do what I do. That was a long answer to your short question, but it’s the truth.

Danielle  11:02  

No, I love it. So I got it, there’s so much there that I want to dive into. So today you help women overcome through your coaching, like what are some of the most amazing transformations that you see with your clients?

Sarah  11:18  

You know what it really is, for so many women is the fear of wanting money, not even have the money, right? But like what it means about you, if you care about money, kind of like I must be an asshole. I must be a bad person, right? And watching people release that and let go with that. That is an absolute myth. And it is so cool. And people understand money is just a tool like any other tool you can pick up or put down. And it has nothing to do with you. And it’s so interesting. It’s it, I think what seems to happen is that people who have not healed issues for themselves tend to be attracted to money. Right? It’s a lot like we find people who there’s like, certain things they haven’t healed, they’re attracted to drugs, certain people haven’t healed, they’re attracted to alcohol, certain people haven’t healed, they’re attracted to food, and they will use food to numb things out. And there seems to be a lot of people who use money to do that. That’s not a money spots. And people don’t understand that we’ve collapsed , meaning that only assholes want money. It’s like, oh, God, no, we have people who just haven’t healed stuff, who happen to accumulate money, those are not the same thing. And that I really view money as a magnifying glass. You know, if you’re a jerk, you can get to be a bigger jerk. And if you’re incredible, you get to be even more amazing. And because money is the most powerful tool we have access to right now, which we may or may not like, but it’s kind of hard to argue the fact I want more money in the hands of women. Like I look at the state of the war, I look out there and people are like, dropping bombs on other people’s children. And like there’s mad like water disparities, and um, all this stuff going on. And I’m like, you know, women running the show. We had access to those conversations, if we were in those rooms, I don’t think we’d be dropping bombs on other people’s children. I think we dropped food, water and medicine. And I think that that’s really important. So when people get that through my coaching, all of a sudden, whatever it is, they’re here to do. They’re no longer apologizing for wanting to do it. And they’re not apologizing for charging for it. Yeah, that’s beautiful.

Danielle  13:30  

Well, let’s talk a little bit about your money mindset. Because one, it’s one of my favorite topics to talk about. You and I both have a love for numbers and how powerful numbers can be for business owners. However, what I learned through the last eight years of running this business is that we have to overcome our money mindset to even be able to look at the numbers, right? So do you get that process? Now you sound like you have a lot that could be bagged up in there. So how did you unpack and handle that money mindset story that was created and childhood? How did you unpack that?

Sarah  14:09  

Well, it’s not in 20 minutes. So if anybody’s looking for the quick hit, I know I’m so sorry. It really is kind of like starting an exercise routine. Like you wouldn’t like if you’re going to run a marathon you wouldn’t like work at one time and be like I’m totally ready.

Danielle  14:21  

I love that analogy. Because I think it’s it’s profound, because we have to remember, there is joy in the journey. Yeah.

Sarah  14:30  

The whole point, right? I mean, anybody who’s run a marathon is like, well, that day sucked. But God the training was amazing, right? And we really want to kind of understand that the first step of the mindset is people, especially today, are just looking for the quick hit, what’s the quick fix show me the top three things I need to do and I’ll never be sad again. Like it doesn’t really work that way. So one of the things I love to tell people to do the very first thing you can do is write down the word money. And I know this sounds so simple, but it’s really just write down the word money and watching what you do. Is there a pit in your stomach? Did you just pull back? Did you literally think you? Did you get scared? Did you think about responsibility? Did you feel stupid, and you really want to understand what those things are. And the reason just writing the word money can do that is because money, I’m not sure how this works. I wish I could be more scientific. But money carries so much energy with it, that it will demand that you heal things in order to deal with it. And so the second you see it, it will tell you everything you need to heal. So if you literally write down the word, it’s like, oh, oh, thank you. Thank you for showing me exactly where I need to go to heal first. And so the first response if it’s like, it’s like, whoa, who scared you? Where did money become scary for you? What happened? What’s that story? And one of the things I love to tell people to do is as you tell the story, interrupt yourself, which sounds so rude, you’re so rude. They’re rude. But like, if you sort of know, I was followed by my stand up, what was I saying? Right? Okay, you start to break the already always response you have. And it’s really profound. And this is why I say it’s everyday though I challenge people who really want to make money or really heal their relationship from money with money from the inside out, to pick a story for 30 days and interrupt, try to finish it, don’t let yourself finish it, don’t let yourself finish it. And what you’re doing is actually the neural pathways in your brain are starting to separate. And all of a sudden, all those stories start to lose their hold on you. And because money is such an extraordinary resource for us to look at when we need to heal, you can do that. You probably do it for a year, to be totally honest. You could probably do it for a whole year. And

Danielle  16:41  

Well, how did you create this? How did you use this in your own healing? Right? Because that’s a lot to heal from. So how did you learn this? Like? What was your money mindset journey through this time?

Sarah  16:54  

Boy, that is such a great question. It’s hard to articulate because it is combined with a lot of personal development, too. I think the first biggest step is really self trust. I Gosh, I wish I could say well, I went to school. And then I did this, it’s kind of not that many are rubber bras as Yeah, but there actually was a moment where I think I really started to heal it. And I was living in Manhattan with my then fiance, and he had become the CFO of a hedge fund. And if you don’t know what that means, just think millions of dollars. Like it’s literally like an extraordinary way for people to grow well for other people and get paid a lot of money to do that. And he was the CFO, the entire hedge, which means he was counting the money all day long, right, and understanding and making strategic decisions with the traders. And I knew he was not the right person for me to marry. And so I had this decision in a moment, right. And you guys, this is crazy. So this is a moment where I was reading on our living room couch in Manhattan in our beautiful apartment. And I shut the book, and I put it on the coffee table. And I was like, I’m gonna put me first. It was a moment where I was like, No. And I put the book down and broke up with him and called off the wedding. And I knew it was the right thing. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And so to say that happened in one conversation, that decision happened in one moment, but like leading up to that was probably six months of me going Sarah, Sarah, hello, what do you do Sara’s? Go on? Right? And then there’s the moment where you make the decision. And, and that was that right? Like, then all of a sudden, I didn’t have that money anymore that I did not have access to that I had to start making, you know,

Danielle  18:31  

making sure I had to do with the money piece of it that I do because

Sarah  18:34  

I had to trust that I could make it on my own. And not wait for somebody to hand me money, if that makes sense. Right? Like it is hard and I talk about this a lot for women, right? Our psyche has not caught up to where we are on planet Earth. Right? The female psyche still, like if you were born into a female body, the way that the brain is wired is to believe that you won’t be okay without a partner. Like we’re wired. It’s not okay. It’s not accurate. It’s not real. But like we see this a lot like say there’s a woman who’s in an abusive relationship, right? And she’s about to get out. And all of a sudden, it’s like, what if I would find out Okay, what if I don’t have enough money and it will be right there. And it’s really weird. It just means our psyche hasn’t quite caught up. So I think for me to deal with that. And recognize there was a lifestyle I wasn’t going to have, but that I could go be responsible for generating myself. And so I think that started for me to be like, wait a minute, I can generate my own money. I don’t have to wait for somebody to come by my dance costume. I don’t have to wait. I can go do this. And so I think that really started the journey for me of understanding what is making me act like this or what’s making me think that and it started a pretty profound personal development journey with a focus on my relationship to money. Now,

Danielle  19:55  

That’s beautiful. I appreciate you pinpointing a moment because the money man says something We all go through. And we all have a different story and different experience through internet entrepreneurship. So I guess fast forward, you decide to walk away from your full time job. And did you know that you’re going to start your own business? At that moment?

Sarah  20:14  

I had an inkling? Yeah. Yeah.

Danielle  20:18  

Okay, let’s walk through what was the money mindset of leaving that position? And, transitioning into entrepreneurship, really? And like, What strategies did you use to keep your money mindset strong during that time? Because when we leave a position like that, and we’re making that adjustment, there’s a lot of money mindset. And then there’s another shift as you start to grow that business. So walk us through those two shifts. Okay. Well,

Sarah  20:44  

I have to be honest, there were many, many Midnight’s obsessions in my basement of like, What is wrong with me? What have I done? I mean, I’m not even gonna lie about that. I think and I think most people, I’ve seen it in my own clients, too. But they’re scared to talk about it. I’m like, no, no, that happens. It’s okay. I actually was just sharing the other day, somebody else asked me, you know, what have been your moments of regret? or what have you been scared of? And to your point, about a year and a half after I’d left, and I was working on my business working on my business, and I’ve made a little bit of money, but I was at a conference with Arianna Huffington. It was like this big corporate conference, or whatever. And I was driving home and I just was like, you son of an idiot, like, what is wrong with you and I started calculating all the money I would have made had I stayed my 401k, the health, like, I was beating myself up the entire drive home of like, and I did that. That’s exaggerating, I didn’t do the whole drive home, it took me about seven minutes to be like, Sarah, you’re doing what you’re here to do. And that is to help other women make more money, you’re going to do just fine. Don’t worry about it. And of course I have, and that’s true. But in those moments, I think those were real. And I think they take attention in time. And honestly, I could not have done it without other coaches. And I think that there’s not enough emphasis put on that what I love about coaches, and I realize it’s self serving of me to say this, but I’m going to be totally, totally straight. I always have a coach. And I think what makes the relationship so special is you know, I’m not your mom, I’m not your sister, I’m your competitor, I’m not your spouse, right. Like, there’s one job I have. And that is to make sure you succeed and have list, right? So to have that kind of relationship with other people pushing me through those moments and having me remember why I did this, like, Why did I venture into this world of entrepreneurship, and we have a lot of entrepreneur porn to think about out there, I make a million dollars. Well, it’s like all that stuff that’s out there. It’s just gross that causes such a delusion. And it really does harm for people that this is work. It’s work just like me climbing the corporate ladder. It’s work just like me having to stay up till midnight to do a presentation. It’s work, just like it’s like, Hey, did you guys listen to what I said in that meeting? It’s work just like, oh my god, I gotta buff up my resume and send it out. It’s all the same. But I think what happens in the journey of entrepreneurship, especially around money is we start to collapse the business with ourselves. Right? It’s like if somebody doesn’t like what we do, we are personally wrong. And so I think the next step in the money mindset as you venture into entrepreneurship is remember, you are not your business. And one of the best questions you can ask when it comes to money when it comes to financial projections and strategy and what the best next step is to, is what does the business need me to do now? Not what do I want to do? Are we going to fail? No. And you talk about the business as its own entity, the separator would Yeah, is if you were working at corporate, like the guys come in, and they’re like, Dude, we are sucking when this quarter everybody goes, alright, where should we look? What should we do? Nobody takes it personally. Nobody starts crying. Nobody freaks out. I’m such a failure. It’s like dude, alright, what do we need to do? Which avenues are working? Which ones aren’t? How do we address this? Should we do a campaign here? What? And to start to learn to separate yourself from the business that’s also a form of healing your money mindset?

Danielle  24:00  

That’s beautiful. What are some of the habits and strategies or numbers that you look at today? Right, like fast forward, we’re in the present time now like specifics, you know, like somebody can listen to this and go take action right now like a habit a strategy or numbers that you look at. I know you love helping people with their sales. So even as you’re doing that, what are some of the numbers or strategies they can look at?

Sarah  24:27  

Okay, so number wise, I am an open rate and click through rate junkie, like, just like, anytime somebody runs a campaign, I’m like, what are the numbers? What are the numbers? What are the numbers? And the reason we do that is you could see where you need to put in more love where you need to put in more enthusiasm. Where do you need to put in more honesty, where do you need to put in more stats, right because the human brain goes through certain steps as it’s deciding whether or not this is the best next step for them, especially if they’re exchanging money for what they’re doing right. So I really like what was missing if this one Didn’t work. This one blew up. This was amazing why? And so many people just get excited, like I’m a success. Now. It’s like, Do you know why? And understanding what it is that you’re offering? Yes. And how can you even then build on that? The other habit I love to teach people is that when you launch or send out an offer, that is the beginning, not the end. And people don’t understand that. And they’ll get so excited about their sales page, or they’ll love it, and they’ll be all juiced, and then they put it out and it falls flat. That’s because putting it out was step one. We don’t think that we always send it out. I guess it sucks. No, putting it out was step one to say, Okay, it’s not working right now. Move that button up, change that copy? Are they clear why they’re on this page? What like those sorts of things and really getting into? Does the human beings staring at this page understand why they’re there? And do they have the problem that we are here to solve? And if they can’t answer that inside of 10 seconds, that’s on us. And we get to go back and try again. And that’s why I say that step one, and you might go through 10 iterations. If you’re doing it, well, you’ll then you could go 10, iterations and more. Yeah. And then after that, you launch again, and you start with your last iteration you do 10 more, right? And always looking for where the tweaks, where’s the pole? Where’s the change, and understanding that what you’re doing is helping other people make the best decision for them. And that is, again, the US removing ourselves and our desires and our dreams away from the services. We’re providing an understanding that we created these businesses, like we were saying, it’s not armchair activity to create a business. You did it probably most people I work with this to help somebody. I mean, Danielle, your business, like oh, my gosh, she has helped people clean the windshield, so they know where the hell they’re driving, right? Like, oh, my god, I

Danielle  26:41  

I love that analogy.

Sarah  26:43  

You know, good luck driving, if you can’t see, I don’t know where you’re going. Right? Like, it’s so helpful. But if they don’t know that, that’s on us, right. And that doesn’t mean we’re bad. It doesn’t mean wrong, doesn’t mean the offer sucks. It means we haven’t learned how to do that yet. So that’s a habit or a number I would have people look at. And then I would say up to the first 10,000 in your business 10,000 Every month before you hit that number, I would look at numbers meaning top line revenue, every single month, that you should know what that is, once you hit 10,000 $10,000 months, I moved to quarters doesn’t mean you don’t know what’s happening on a monthly basis, right? But you’re starting to pull out bigger, you’re starting to like check out like Okay, now we’re looking at overall trajectory, where are overall patterns, what’s happening seasonally. And you do that up to about $100,000 a month. And then beyond that, you’re looking at massive scale or maintenance, because a lot of times people hit that beautiful seven figure mark, and then they die. Just takes mostly because they didn’t have a goal after that. But also because they stopped doing the things that got them there. So those are the habits. Did I answer your question?

Danielle  27:46  

Yeah, by Okay, I want to keep digging a little bit. So we hit these marks, and we stopped doing the things that got us there. What are some of the things that you watch people stop doing?

Sarah  27:59  

They stop working?

Danielle  28:02  

So funny, though, like, reminder, you sell to work

Sarah 28:06  

there, like I made it, I’m done. I’m cooked

Danielle  28:09  

piece. Everybody just turned off the podcast. They’re like Dagnabbit,

Sarah  28:12  

I thought I was gonna be done when I hit. And that again, is that entrepreneurial porn, right? It makes me so crazy. It’s like you guys, that’s not real life. You hit seven figures and you feel just like you did the first time you hit six, you as a human, you don’t change. And I think that people really need to understand that there’s a fallacy out there, right? Like you are still showing up on the daily to continue to deliver what you created the business to deliver. And that doesn’t go away because you hit some mythical number. Right? So understanding that and then I think the other thing that people do is they can take their team for granted. That can happen really fast. Like did you not do that? Where is that? I told you to like that kind of an attitude like, Oh, dear, nope, we need to come back to we’re creating something together and keeping that in mind. And then learning leadership skills. So absolutely. Right. Constant personal development.

Danielle  28:59  

Yeah, I think there’s maybe we could just talk through this a little bit. There’s personal development. And we see a lot of our clients do a ton of personal development, before they hit six figures. They’re learning how to run a business. They’re learning what entrepreneurship is, all those nitty gritty tactics that we were talking about from 100,000. So from your six figure seven figure, I think that’s where we can pull off the Yeah, lean on the brakes a little bit on the professional development. And that’s usually actually the place that we need to double down because our the skill set that’s required is different. So maybe you can walk through what’s the different skill set that as you watch your clients growing from six to seven figures, what are some of the skills that you commonly see missing and how can they drill in?

Sarah  29:47  

Yeah. Skills are one thing, leadership for sure. Understanding what influence is I happen to believe influence is a skill, something you can learn. I think that is critical and Then the next thing you have to watch out for is where’s money pointing you that you haven’t healed yet. Because so many people have in their head, okay, making a little bit of money. So okay. Making seven figures is not now. I’m an asshole all day. I did the thing I said I wasn’t gonna do and that is really something to look out for. And so the skill of constantly checking in on self. And I don’t mean to be selfish, but listening to instincts, having a morning routine, I mean, the basics are still there, if you have not developed those skills up until that point, you will start to fail. It’s just one of those things. And money carries an extraordinary amount of energy with it, you know, like it or lump it. But we’ve all done it, where you send out that big invoice and it comes in what happens you’re like, because there’s just this influx of energy, it just is right. And so if you haven’t grown yourself, to hold that much, you’re going to lose it. And because you know, you generated the business, you’re the source of the business, the business will lose it as well, unless you have continued to expand yourself to hold it and understand it and use it well. And that again, will come down to leadership, it will come down to confidence, it will come down to courage. And it will come down to influence in your life. But Sarah, what are the skills? Those are the skills? 

Danielle  31:19  

Yeah, is there anything else that you can pinpoint that to really deal with our money healing, right? Like, I know, work with a coach, right? I work with a coach we’re having therapists may be but is there anything else? If you’re somebody who’s like, I don’t, I don’t have the time for that right now. Or I don’t have the money for that at the moment. I’m in a different season right now. But they’re listening and they want to implement something from this show right now. How can they implement one thing to start to heal? Because you and I both want the same thing, right? We want our women business owners to hit their seven figure marks, we want them to continue to grow and succeed. And we don’t want you hitting any of these milestones, that six figures or seven figures and crashing and burning. I want you to succeed. One of the best

Sarah  32:08  

things you can do is write down right now. Like right now, if you’re in that position ask yourself, what are three things I need to do that I haven’t done in the business. And I know that sounds great. One of them’s going to be about money. One of them is going to be about oh, I haven’t sent that invoice or I haven’t done that I haven’t looked at my numbers. Or my bookkeeper sent me an email and I haven’t responded. One of those is gonna be in there. Right? So you’re right, the top three actions you could be taking that you’re not taking that you know are important. Okay, and if you want to take a deeper stab at healing, first of all, for so many people, and if you guys are super ambitious, and you’re listening, you just thought of those three things, you’re probably already doing them. Right? If you’re finding yourself still kind of circling the wagons around, it’s not like you’re like, oh, no, I really want to know and if I want you to ask yourself, What pain are you associating with doing that task? Just sit? Just think about it. People go, oh, what’s annoying is frustrate, okay? What’s the long term pain you’re going to experience? If you don’t get that done? Crap, all of a sudden, they’re doing it right. So it really is understanding that we are animals. I love us. But we are driven by pain and pleasure. And of list, right? We avoid pain, we run towards pleasure, this is why we don’t look at our numbers, because we think it’s gonna hurt. And so part of your job in this moment, right now, if you want to continue to heal is look at the task you wrote down about money. Ask yourself what you think the pain points are, and then see what you can start to do in infusing pleasure in understanding that. So maybe you can make really informed decisions, maybe you find out you have enough money to hire somebody, maybe we have enough money to finally go get that coach you’ve always wanted. Maybe you have enough money to invest in a new website. Like, there’s so much pleasure that’s on the other side. And also remembering even if the news isn’t what you wanted, like, Oh, crap, we’re down not more than now you get to go take informed, inspired action around that to course be corrected. So you can start to infuse pleasure into doing that task. You’ll do it. And it’s a really important thing to do. So those are that’s my concrete like right now today, three things you know, you need to be doing. And if you really want to keep going you do that every single day.

Danielle  34:15  

Yeah, I love that. Thank you for concrete direction, I really want people to be able to take action. Now. I think working with a coach is something that people are pretty familiar with. But for somebody who’s never done it, right, they don’t know what that experience is, like, I personally recently had a big decision I needed to make in the business. And I kept on talking to my now husband, and I couldn’t talk to him about it. And I might I’m like, you know, I don’t want to talk to you. Like I’m sorry, love you. Because he doesn’t know how to coach right? He doesn’t he doesn’t know how to help him in that way. And so I did call somebody who does understand that but so for somebody who’s calling their mom or their husband calling the girlfriend Looking for that support and they walk away? Not having clarity around the business decision? What’s different between calling your mom or your dad? or talking to your coach? What, where’s the difference?

Sarah  35:15  

Boy? Isn’t that such a great question? I do think the fact that you’re not related to your coach, which sounds crazy, and I have friends call me all the time, like, go get a coach like, no, that’s not we can’t cross that line. Not because it’s proprietary not like that, but because they won’t listen to me. And I love them. But somebody who’s paid me to sit down and say, Can you get me through this? Can you get me from point A to point B, and that’s my job. They know that. So when I say do XYZ, they go, okay? And that’s done within an hour, right? Because there’s a whole different relationship there. The other danger in bringing people inside your kimono, right? Who aren’t in the business is they’ll start to ask or think they can. And they will start to pull in certain ways that will make you uncomfortable eventually. And it actually can harm the relationship. So actually, see, please don’t do that. It’s okay to share all those things. But eventually, you’ll have that moment, you’ll be like, Oh, who was that lady I listened to on a podcast once he warned me about that. It’s like, it really does happen. And so just be careful there. But it’s the idea that it’s a professional relationship that you run to that, you know, is 100% safe, and that their only job is to help you to succeed. You listen. And you’ll take action. And you know, a lot of times, you know, my clients will say to me, and some of them are coaches, not actually very few of them are but the ones who are like, Oh my gosh, can I charge? What do I charge for all this? I’m like, It doesn’t even matter. To be honest, I mean, it does kind of, at the end of the day, when someone decides to invest in themselves through a coach, everything shifts, I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience, like you finally make your first purchase in your business, you get a piece of software, if something happens when you’re on the other side of that decision, you feel like a million bucks. Yeah. Because you’ve just moved the business forward, and you know it. And that is so much a part of what coaching provides, I think I’ve noticed that in my own business, every time I find a new coach, or I do something new, everything else explodes. It’s because we’re investing. We’re shifting how we’re looking at things immediately. And then following through on that because we paid for. So it’s like, yeah, do everything that you saw, make sure we’re taking action,

Danielle  37:23  

because one thing I see too often is that business owners invest in something because they like to spend money. Danger because they’re there, right? That way, there’s two different unhealthy relationships with money not being willing to spend an overspending. Correct. Now, there’s a whole spectrum within that. So if we’re somebody who likes to spend money, because that spending fulfills a need or

Sarah  37:48  

creates a rush, there’s a dopamine rush when you spend for sure. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

Danielle  37:53  

So you can’t hire a coach to spend the money? And then not

Sarah  37:57  

do it. Yeah, you just don’t work. And if the coaches weren’t, they’ll sell their salt. They’ll call you on it and be like, you’re not doing what I told you to what’s going on with you. Yeah, and now you’ve got again, going back to Money, something to heal, and it will always point in that direction. What else do you need to heal? And that sounds kind of woowoo? Or what if but how many people do you know out there you’re looking at them going, Gosh, if they only deal with the fact that they hate their dad, or if they only deal with the fact they overspend all the freaking time. You can see it in other people. It’s just always hard pressed to see it for ourselves. But you can watch other people destroy their lives or their businesses because they’re not dealing with this stuff.

Danielle  38:33  

Is there anything that I haven’t asked you today that you wish I would have? Or you think would be generally the audience with?

Sarah  38:39  

No, I don’t think so. I think what I just leave everybody with is just go make a boatload of money. You deserve it. You’ve earned it. Go get it. It’s already out there anyway, you might as well be the one having a say over where it’s

Danielle  38:52  

been next. Oh, beautiful. You have permission. Go go. Awesome. Well, where can the audience get into contact with you, stay in touch and follow you on your journey?

Sarah  39:03  

Yeah, sure. So Sarah And the game on the girlfriend podcast, which Danielle was recently on you guys. Come on over and listen. And then I also have a YouTube channel. It’s just Sarah Sarah Walton. Find me there where I have a show called Sarah on cut. We’re helping each other. I just turn on my phone and start talking once a week. So good luck. No, it’s actually really fun. I cover different business topics, money topics and personal development. It’s actually really, really fun. Cool.

Danielle  39:27  

Cool. Well, we’ll definitely link all those in the shownotes. Sara, thank you so much for being here today.

Sarah 39:32  

Thank you so much for having me, Daniel.

Danielle  39:35  

If you want more information on how to get accurate and on time, bookkeeping in place, so that you can start to have accurate numbers to make these business decisions and use this as a resource as you’re working with your business coach. I encourage you to text get started to 844-499-6969 you Until next week

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