Quarter two has come to a close and we are now at the beginning of quarter 3 ✔️✔️✔️ This is a great time for reflection and gratitude 🙌 
We encourage you to take a minute and look at your quarterly goals and see what you are able to cross off! Need a quick & easy way to review your finances? Check out our quick review so you can be on top of your finances and let your business thrive ✨⠀ 
First, remember back to when we talked about defining success as a business owner.⠀ 
👉 Has this changed for you? ⠀ 
👉 How have you been tracking the revenue goals you set? 
Also to examine your financials and see how you could possibly pivot their direction for the second half of the year, we are halfway through 2022 !! 
☝️ If you exceeded your goals for this quarter, consider increasing them for the next quarter. ⠀ 
✌️ If not, look at the current tactic of you and your team. ⠀ 
🤔 What changes can you make for the next quarter to achieve your goals? 

Let us know what awesome things you achieved this Quarter by posting and tagging us on LinkedIn (kickstartaccountinginc)