EP 31- Financial Planning Series – Part 1 with Andee Sloot

January 25, 2022

Today, we’re sitting down with accounting and financial advisor, Andee Sloot!

Listen in as she breaks down what you need to know about financial planning and shares her journey to becoming a financial advisor. Andee shares helpful insights about financial planning and how you can work efficiently with advisors. You’ll learn about how the right money mindset can help you make better decisions for your financial growth. 

In this episode, Andee also discusses: 

  • Her journey into financial advising and her mistakes and lessons along the way
  • How she helps people make smart money decisions
  • The money mindset she grew up with and its impact on her career decisions
  • What working with a financial planner looks like

Connect with Andee:

Andee Sloot – Financial Advisor in Dallas, TX | Ameriprise Financial (ameripriseadvisors.com)


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Twitter | https://twitter.com/KickstartAcct

Things Mentioned in Today's Episode:

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