Do you download every new app and tool hoping that it will help you get organized and finally set you up to grow your business? 


I know, me too! This year, we took all of our clients’ questions and the tools that we have implemented in our businesses and created a 12-week profitability paper planner


Finally a planner that you can use as an accountability partner to spend time everyday working on your business as the CEO, setting goals, priorities and taking the daily action task to find the profits in your business all in a high quality notebook that you bring with you everywhere.


Why does a hardcover paper planner work so well as your accountability partner?


  1. Have a regular planning session that does not include screen time. Yep you heard me, walk away from your email and spend time working on your business. Having a separate place that I use to schedule my day away from my computer has given me the opportunity to focus on what’s important.

 2. Weekly planning- When you schedule your week schedule time each week to have a planning session. I recommend using a financial dashboard to guide your session. If you can determine your financial position (cash, who owes you money and who you owe money to) you can determine what activities you need to focus on next week. 


Why is this helpful?

I have a client who really struggles to collect money from her clients so the weekly dashboard is a reminder to her that if her cash is low and her accounts receivable is high than she needs to spend her time collecting on her client invoices. I also have a client who has been increasing her revenue month over month but she still has a credit card and loan debt from when she started her business so this client is using this time to determine if she should be using her surplus of cash to decrease her debt or increase her marketing efforts to continue to increase her revenue.

3. Easy setup and easy to use- even when we are so technologically savvy there can be such a learning curve to every app, they never have all the features I need and they can be difficult to use, can I get an amen?



4. Writing is proven to help you remember. Studies have shown that writing down things by hand actually allows you to think and process better and as a result, you are more likely to follow through and really focus on your goals and tasks to complete those goals.


It’s time to get to know your numbers so you can use that information to grow your business. Review your accounting, pull the reports and get ready to get down to the details.


Are you ready to grow your business by making smarter business decisions with your financials?

If you would like more information on getting your financial statements completed for you every month and getting accounting off your to-do list be sure to schedule a discovery call!