Kendra Swalls is a former elementary school teacher turned photographer and entrepreneur who is helping women let go of the notion that perfection equals success. Her first business was a portrait photography business based in the Dallas area, Paisley Layne Photography, that specialized in helping women feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

She is now the founder of the Girl Means Business business education site and podcast, and is on a mission to help women not only launch their dream business, but to show them all of the marketing and social media tips and tools she’s learned on her own journey. She wants women to know that balancing motherhood and your career is definitely possible and achievable.

In this episode, Kendra is uncovering how she managed her money mindset as she leaped into entrepreneurship, leaving her safe and secure teaching job behind. Plus, she’s diving deep into her journey to monetizing her passions and TRUSTING her skills.

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