Have you ever wondered how Kickstart Accounting Inc. handles our own financials? Who is on our money team, and how do we leverage these insights in our own business? In this episode, CEO Danielle Hayden offers a look behind the curtain on Kickstart Accounting Inc.’s internal reviews process. She shares her journey from doing her own bookkeeping to assembling a comprehensive money team to help the company reach its goals.

Danielle’s approach to financials for Kickstart Accounting Inc. has developed into the framework we use to help clients achieve growth and sustainability in their business. Tune in to learn more about building and leveraging your own money team from someone who has done it for her own company, and hundreds of other businesses like yours.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why money teams are essential for understanding and leveraging financial statements.
  • Learn the signature framework that Kickstart Accounting Inc.’s framework uses to help business owners manage their finances, get a clear picture of their business’s financial health and make informed decisions.
  • How Kickstart Accounting Inc. analyzes financial statements (including revenue, profit, net income and expenses), how often they do this internal review process, and how they leverage this information to reach their goals.
  • Key numbers to look at in your business and what insights they provide.
  • The three bank accounts utilized by Kickstart Accounting Inc., and the strategy behind it.
  • Why it’s important to maintain a high-level view of your business financials, and how to not get lost in the details.

Topics Discussed: 

Why business owners shouldn’t do their own bookkeeping (2:13)

Developing Kickstart Accounting Inc.’s framework (3:27)

Danielle’s money team and their roles (4:34)

The importance of client involvement in their financials (6:38)

Kickstart Accounting Inc.’s financial review process (8:37)

Assessing business expenses and profitability (16:26)

Strategic financial planning as a business owner (26:09)


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