Remember last month we talked about Jenna? Jenna was growing her business but hid from her accounting because it was confusing to her and she didn’t have time to learn a new skill. 

We helped Jenna get the financial information she needed to make more strategic spending decisions so she could increase her profits and take home a bigger paycheck. Last month we talked about how to set revenue goals, did you mark those down in your Profit Planner? ( could you put a link to last month’s blog in case they missed it?) 

This month we are going to take on step 2 of 5. It’s time to determine your financial goal for this year?


Determine Your Financial Goal

Take a moment to reflect on where you want your business to be 3 years from now, 1 year from now and 3 months from now. What is your financial goal this quarter that will support you in your vision? 

For example, will you be increasing advertising costs in an effort to increase your revenue or will you be decreasing expenses in order to maximize your profitability?  

Determine 3 activities you will need to perform in order to reach these goals

Attend X number of events per week

Schedule X number of discovery calls per week

Touch base with one old client per month

Act on one new strategy that allows you to shorten the amount of time it takes to convert a lead to a sale