Clients often ask us how to step into the role of CEO and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of their business. This can be a hard concept to learn for entrepreneurs so here are a few tools I learned during my years as CFO. Incorporate accounting my job was to give the financial information tools to the CEO so that they could use that information to make strategic information for the business. I learned throughout the years what was the most helpful and I’m here to share those ideas with you. 

Step 5 (5 of 5) Run your day like a CEO 

  • Create time in your day to perform your daily CEO review!
  • State your goal every day -ensure daily activities are connected to your desired result. Keep your goals top of mind
  • Targets-Determine your top 3 priorities you need to accomplish that day to achieve your goal.
  • Plan your day! 
  • Create a financial dashboard that you review weekly. The dashboard should include your sales, cash balance, who owes you money, who owes you money, upcoming payments, and outstanding loan payments. This dashboard can be tailored to your business but needs to be reviewed each week. 

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