Next up in our hiring series is the dos and don’ts of hiring. With almost a decade of experience as a CEO, host Danielle Hayden is the perfect person to guide business owners through the hiring process, from the first step of understanding their numbers to evaluating the impact of new hires. In this episode, she shares personal experience and client stories to highlight the importance of embracing a CEO mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, and taking charge of your business. Tune in to learn what you can do to avoid common hiring pitfalls and hire effectively for your business!

Key Takeaways:

  • Business owners need to embrace their numbers in order to make informed decisions in their business, especially when it comes to hiring.
  • When hiring, don’t look for your replacement, but instead find employees whose strengths compliment your weaknesses to create a well-rounded team.
  • Perfectionism and limiting beliefs are the killer of entrepreneurship: Business owners need to let go of their fear and have the confidence to take action before they can grow their business.
  • Hiring without a plan is a common pitfall among business owners. It’s crucial to prepare to onboard employees and give them the tools they need to succeed and help your business grow.

Topics Discussed: 

A client’s journey from doubt to hiring success (1:17)

Embracing your numbers (3:30)

The don’ts of hiring (6:15)

How to overcome limiting beliefs (10:30)

The dos of hiring (11:45)

This week’s homework: hiring prep (16:40)


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