Yhennifer has been an online entrepreneur for the past 7 years. She has generated over 6 figures in sales online through Social Selling Strategies making her a Social Media Expert. She is the ClickFunnels lead community manager, which is one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial groups on the FB Platform. She has been recognized by FB as one of the top group admins in the world out of 70 Million admins on the platform. She has consulted and trained teams for some of the biggest names in the personal development and marketing industry. Names like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Jay Shetty to share a few.

In this podcast, Yhennifer is talking about shifting from working behind the scenes in her marketing agency, to fully embracing her passion for speaking and educating others about the power of community. She’s also opening up about the leap of faith that propelled her into entrepreneurship – spending her last few hundred dollars to join a network marketing company with no previous marketing experience. Plus, she’s chatting about the money mindset blocks from her childhood that she’s managed to overcome along her journey.

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