Are you neglecting the important task that will help keep your business profitable year after year? 
It is time to work ON your business & not just IN it. 
What can you do to get started?? 
📅 One day a week: 
+ State your goal & set your intentions 
{Ensure daily activities are connected to your desired goals you want to achieve. Your actions and decisions should be directed to that goal. 
Define what success means to your business. If you don’t determine what success looks like how will you know when you have arrived?} 
+ Targets 
{Use your intentions to plan your day! Determine what time of the day you are the most productive. 
When did you have the fewest amount of interruptions and distractions?} 
+ Divide up tasks 
{Group each of these tasks logically by the type – example: Segment one: Financials – Analyze your financials 

📊What percent did your revenue grow year over year? 
💲What percent did your expenses grow year over year? Why? 
😵‍💫Are your expenses growing faster than your revenue?} 

 While we encourage you to have all of these on the forefront of your mind daily as a business owner – we understand if you can only focus a full day once a week. 

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