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How about to pay your sales taxes? (wink face)


Do You Pay Sales Tax Quarterly?


If you have decided to pay sales tax quarterly, that deadline is quickly approaching! If you are paying monthly that deadline is usually around the 20th of the month.


You can use this chart to see when your monthly sales taxes are due and how much you need to pay depending on your state of residence.


Some Tax Food For Thought


If you are avoiding crowds but don’t want to miss out on your favorite dishes from restaurants you may decide to take advantage of the many meal delivery options that are now available!


We know that many entrepreneurs have trouble turning off their business brain so you may find yourself wondering how does sales tax work on food delivery exactly?


Restaurant meals are always subject to sales tax but what happens when you’re not actually eating in the restaurant or when a third party is delivering the meal, which company is responsible for the sales tax?


Like most sales tax questions, this depends entirely on the state where the transaction is taking place.


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