Kathy Young is the founder of Rekindle Communications—a copywriting studio that breathes life into your message one word at a time. Kathy brings her 2+ years of marketing agency experience to ambitious yet hustle-averse creatives who value connections as much as they do conversions. In this podcast, Kathy opens up about how working with Kickstart Accounting helped her get in tune with the numbers in her business. She’s discussing how this has helped her foster an abundance mindset around money and investing in her business. Plus, she’s chatting about how forming an S. Corp transformed her mindset and made it SO much easier for her to secure a mortgage — something that is notoriously difficult for business owners with LLCs.

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Things Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
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FREE Get Yourself Paid Challenge | https://view.flodesk.com/pages/61252affc74cea6f2409b787