“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin.


As a business owner you know how true this saying is! Let alone how precious your time is, less time spent working means more time spent with family and friends!


As your business has grown, have you outsourced some of your more time-consuming monotonous tasks?


Hiring employees can allow you to spend your time concentrating on what you do best and on what you enjoy the most!


For this Spring Cleaning challenge, we are concentrating on how you are managing your staff.


Managing Your Staff


How are your employees tracking their time spent working?


Is your staff still using manual timesheets that are clunky and time-consuming?


If this is the case consider switching to an online portal such as Tsheets or Toggl. Employees can download an extension to their browser and easily start and stop the timer as they work.


How Are You Running Payroll?


The next thing to examine is how are you running payroll?


With any number of employees, it will be beneficial to start using software that can help you with your payroll. An added benefit to using a program for payroll is it makes completing taxes and year-end forms easier.


Does this sound like just one more thing to add to your ever-growing to-do list? We are happy to help!


Contact us to get your software set up properly.