As a small business owner, it can be hard to effectively master your role as a CEO and as an employee in your business. That is why you must prioritize scheduling CEO days at least once a month!

This a day, or half a day rather, that you spend focusing on the logistics and big picture of your business!

Whatever day you choose you must

  • Block off your calendar so you don’t over book yourself
  • Treat it almost as an OOO day, that means no client work, no answering emails, just focused time on the internal structure of your business

It can be hard to prioritize this, so we recommend making it a fun activity by going to your favorite coffee shop or scheduling a reward afterward.

What to include in your CEO Day?


You are going to pull up your financial statements and dashboard for the previous month.

This includes things like your P&L (profit and loss), Balance Sheet, and Expenses. Be sure to list out any upcoming expenses to make sure you are prepared for them in your budget.

This is also a great opportunity to pick through your statements and other deliverables you receive from your bookkeeper and ensure that they are accurate!


Marketing and sales are a key component in your business, spend some time tracking and analyzing the results of your sales efforts. Does the inbound match the spend associated? Are you seeing positive feedback from campaigns?


After observing all the different analytics that are telling you how your business is doing this is a great time to observe any trends.

How is your revenue doing on a 12-month scale

Is your business undergoing any seasonality?

Be sure when you are tracking these trends that you are making plans to adjust your approach in coming months.

Don’t go into the next month blindly! If you have any issues or see some 🚩🚩 be sure to reach out to your bookkeeper so they can help you!

The more often you participate in these activities the more innate they will feel to you and that is where the real magic happens!

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