Do you know your Money Mindset Personality Type — are you a free spender, keeper, perfectionist or balance seeker? In this episode, CEO Danielle Hayden helps you identify your type and explains how it influences your business financials.

In this episode, you’ll discover the strategy for making sure every dollar in your business has a job, ensuring your spending supports your big goals (and the current season of your business). Danielle also provides tailored advice for each Money Mindset Personality Type, sharing tips on effective budgeting, intentional spending, and more. Tune in for the confidence boost you need to make smart financial decisions in your business!

Don’t know your Money Mindset Type? Click here to take the quiz!

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how determining your Money Mindset Personality Type can guide your financial strategy and business decisions.
  • Learn the strategy behind intentional spending and how to create a budget that fuels your business goals.
  • Find out what steps you can take to adapt your spending strategy based on the season of your business, your personal goals and business objectives.

Topics Discussed: 

The four Money Mindset Personalities and how to determine your type (1:03)

Adapting your spending to the season of your business (3:47)

Client case study: aligning spending with business goals (5:00)

Creating a budget to give your money a job (8:50)

The strategy of spending with intentionality (10:14)

Budgeting strategies for each Money Mindset Personality Type (12:01)


Listen to episode 158: Healthy Spending Habits for Financial Success In Your Business!

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