EP 18 – From Recession to Thriving Digital Marketing Agency with Roman Prokopchuk

October 19, 2021

Roman Prokopchuk is the Founder of Nova Zora Digital and host of a top 100 podcast in his category called The Digital Savage Experience. Roman is also a 1st Generation Immigrant from Ukraine.

Listen in as Roman opens up about how The 2008 recession pushed him into the digital marketing space, and how he ran with it out of necessity, eventually founding his digital marketing agency Nova Zora Digital in 2012.

He is also sharing about his and his wife's foster care journey. Together, they have fostered 20 children since June 2018. In this podcast, he is chatting about how they cultivate financial literacy for their foster children.

Connect with Roman:
Website | https://www.novazoradigital.com/
Podcast | https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/roman-prokopchuks-digital-savage-experience/id1329096209?mt=2
LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/romanprokopchuk/

Connect with Danielle:
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Things Mentioned in Today's Episode:
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