You read that right…we hate them.
They usually aren’t specific to you, they are a reflection of what others around you are doing in their business, on socials, etc. INSTEAD of what you are doing on your journey. Goals need to be individualizes to fit where your business is.
Goals are vague and represent the end goal rather than all the little steps it takes to get there. Try setting SMART Goals or using a tracking system to keep up with each step of your achievement process. Vagueness makes them too easy to walk away from, using a big picture stuck at 30,000 feet perspective with never show all the small steps you are taking to approve.
You don’t actually think you can do it. We get it, self-doubt gets the best of all of us, but the first step in achieving a goal is getting in the mindset and believing in yourself and your business. 
This can be especially hard when you don’t have a support system. When it comes to holding yourself accountable it can be hard. We recommend setting up multiple meetings with your support buddy (possibly your KSA Team if a business goal) for the next few months. 

Now that you have the basics, grab a notebook and get started creating your S.M.A.R.T. goals right now!! While you are brainstorming – check out our podcast episode on goal setting: