Though it is technically the start of summer we are continuing our spring-cleaning series!


This challenge is dedicated to weeding out time-sucking tasks and creating seamless systems!


What Systems are You Using?


As a business owner, you know the importance of having organized systems.


Systems can allow you to streamline tasks and be more productive with your time and energy. Not to mention it makes stepping away from your business a whole lot easier! Think; tropical beach vacation while someone else manages your business!


Reconsider your system if you are manually controlling your projects. You are most likely spending just as much time trying to keep track of projects as you do actually completing them!


In order to work smarter not harder look into software to help reduce your workload, and help you streamline and create systems. Look at project management tools like; Asana,, Teamwork, or Clickup.


What does your billing system look like?


Next, reflect on how you are not only tracking projects for clients but how are you making sure you get paid for your work?


What does your billing system look like? Can you use an automated system that will bill your clients for time worked or for their recurring invoices? Check out the features and benefits of your accounting system or consider an invoicing system such as Freshbooks.


Remember that when you set up a new system it may impact your financials so please contact us to get your software set up properly. Remember to always let your accountants know when anything in your business changes so we can discuss and plan for the financial impacts.