An important step in securing your business’s stability as it advances is expanding what we like to call your Financial Department (or team)!

While there are large firms who can handle your taxes, bookkeeping, and financial planning – having three separate individuals or teams that are specialized in each niche allows for natural checks and balances flow to take place. All three of these positions work interchangeably to help the other be better prepared and organized in staging your business’ financials.

Tax accountants are essential every year for ensuring your business is following all IRS regulations and requirements. Often times they will require or need a backlog of the previous years:

📊 Financials

💰 Cash Flow Records

📒 Balance Sheets/Ledger

📜Write-off expenses

BUT, when you are busy running your business it can be hard to keep an accurate reflection of such financial data. 

Bookkeepers are every business owner’s secret weapon to finally being able to run their business instead of getting run by their business! Bookkeepers vary in their services offered. 

What do we offer?

📈 We provide custom analysis, along with accurate financial statements on a monthly/quarterly basis.

💻 We are experts at using technology, implementing financial strategies (cash planning, budget, can I afford this), and helping entrepreneurs understand their numbers

🎉We act as a financial accountability partner in reaching your financial goals

After getting all your books organized and achieving a few business goals, it is natural to transition into financial planning service. Many people write off financial planning as something for later in life or something that isn’t right for them as an entrepreneur. 

Financial Planners are able to take what profits and revenues you have made in your business and help you invest and legacy plan. They also can help analyze what investment opportunity best fits where you are in your financial journey. Positioning your investments correctly can provide new ways to reduce taxes. (Interested in learning more? Check out our episode with Andee Sloot, CFP)