As a fellow small business owner we know how important it is to support those who have played their part in bringing new ideas to life and growing our national and global economy. Apart from recognizing entrepreneurs, we also want to encourage other small business owners to scale up their own operations. 
How can you celebrate National Small Business Week ?? 
(even without spending $$) 
👭 Share – Not only can you share your story, but this is also a great time to share other business owners’ digital content! You can promote small businesses by reposting a story, sharing a tweet, or tagging a friend who might like their business! 
🤝 Support – We encourage you to support other entrepreneurs’ journey with your personal support, being a mentor or a soundboard for them to bounce new ideas off of! Checking in to see how they are doing helps show your appreciation. 
🛍️ Shop – Consider shopping small over big box stores, you can even buy gift cards and use them later! For services, it is always nice to show your appreciation by tipping generously. 

How do you support small businesses when you are outside of your local community?