We feel really passionately that volunteering, donating, and offering your time and unique skills to help and give back to your community is a valuable asset both for you the community and for your business.

1.      Build Relationships with Your Community

Not only are you getting to help out the community that supports your business, but it can also help spread the word about your business when your company gets involved in local charity projects.

2.      Get The Employees Engaged

When you give back, it can help with a sense of fulfillment and belonging. If you get your employees involved with a project outside the office, it can have positive effects inside the office leading to happier, more engaged employees.

3.      Make People Want to Work For You

Nowadays, it’s not enough to offer a benefits package and a 401k. Employees are looking for jobs at companies that they feel are making a difference in their local community or in the global world. Positioning your company as a company that gives back can make your office a more desirable place to work for bright employees that might be looking for more than “just” a job.

4.      Build a Safety Net

The saying is true: what goes around comes around. If you get back to your community, if you ever find yourself in trouble, the community is going to be more likely to remember your help and offer assistance where otherwise they might not.