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1099 Reminder

Wait! What are these forms again? Do I need to send out 1099s?

The most common type of 1099 is the 1099-MISC. This form needs to be completed for anyone who has provided services to you amounting to $600 or more.

These services can be for anything from accounting services to snow but of course there are exceptions!

A 1099-MISC isn’t required if:

·        The company providing the services is incorporated – except with lawyers.

·        The person who provided services is your employee and will receive a W2.

·        The amount of services provided is less than $600 worth.

·        *Forms 1099 do not need to be issued for purchases of inventory or other products. 


So, when are they due?

Depending on the type of form you are filing, the due dates may vary. The IRS website gives a great picture of when each form is due.



That information do I need to gather?

·        Full name

·        Address

·        Tax entity type

·        Tax ID number for the vendor

·        *If the vendor is an LLC, the business needs to know if the LLC is taxed as a single-member LLC, a partnership, or an S-corporation. 

·        Amount paid to vendor

Anything else I should know before I fill and send out 1099s?

As always, these forms are more complex than meets the eye, and this list of items to include is not all-inclusive.

Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC are among those known as “informational forms,” meaning information, rather than taxes, are being remitted with the filings. Late or no filing, though, can be costly due to penalties, and the IRS has indicated repeatedly that they plan to increase scrutiny in this area


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