Understanding your business financials goes beyond bookkeeping: it’s about making informed strategic decisions that support your professional and personal goals. In this episode, CEO Danielle Hayden examines what it truly means for owners to manage their business and “know your numbers.” Challenging the misconception that business owners need a team of experts to reach their goals, the knowledge shared in this episode will empower CEOs to take charge of their business with confidence and clarity. Tune in now to transform your business financials!


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the role of business owners and CEOs in financial management, beyond just “knowing your numbers.”
  • The accounting industry’s dirty little secret: By taking control of the numbers and asking the right questions, anyone can make informed, strategic decisions about their business.
  • Aligning business goals with financial strategies is essential for growth and success.


Topics Discussed: 

The role of business owners in financial management (0:59)

The dirty secret of the accounting industry (3:04)

A client’s transformation: Jenna’s business story (4:41)

This week’s homework: the first step to taking charge of your financials (9:33)


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