Are you planning to expand your business by hiring new team members in 2024? Then this episode is for you! Today, Jamie Van Cuyk, owner and lead consultant of Growing Your Team, joins Danielle for the second time on this show to talk about hiring and onboarding teams as small business owners. Tune in to learn Jamie’s unique perspective on hiring!

Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Jamie’s Mission: Helping Business Owners Hire Confidently (1:31)

Hiring Trends in Small Businesses Amid Economic Uncertainty (2:43)

Spending Gap, and Hiring Strategies for Small Businesses (5:26)

Hiring Trends: AI’s Impact on Processes (8:06)

Changes in Application Process: What’s New? (11:55)

Four Hiring Signs for Small Businesses (14:13)

Hiring Expert Level VS Entry Level Worker (18:18)

Affordability and Budgeting: Hiring for Small Business Growth (19:55)

Money Mindset Mastery Framework (23:14)

Key Things: Hiring Entry-level Employees with a Skill Set and Training Them for Success. (24:18)

Interview Questions for Entry Level Employees (29:32)

Business Owners Having No TIme for Hiring (30:40)

Do You Wanna Hire but Scared to be a Leader? (32:46)

Acton Steps Before Launching Jobs (35:43)

Criteria: Finding Your Ideal Candidate (38:21)

Reminder: Hire When Your Business Needs to Hire (46:04)

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