Are you ready to unlock the blueprint for scaling your venture to 10 million? In this episode, CEO Danielle Hayden is joined by Bridget James Lin, founder of Freedom Queen to share how she transformed her coaching business into a movement empowering women to create million-dollar ventures using organic social media. Listen to the episode to hear more about Bridget’s journey, mission, and the unique strategies she employed to scale her business using social media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bridget Ling’s journey of turning coaching into a million-dollar success.
  • Secrets for creating killer content on Instagram and TikTok.
  • The art of strategic team building without overwhelming your business.
  • Bridget’s roadmap to scaling Freedom Queen to a $10 million empire.
  • The importance of cleaning up before scaling for enduring success.
  • How taking action and not perfect circumstances breeds confidence and success.

Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Bridget’s Mission in the World: Building Million $ Movements Using Organic Social Media (0:59)

Working with Community: 3 Main Offers (4:32)

Bridget James Ling: Do it Yourself and Learn Faster (6:26)

Content Matters (7:50)

Why did Bridget Choose Instagram and TikTok? (10:33)

Mindset Mastery Framework (14:34)

Not Feeling Qualified: Actions to Start Working on Your Mindset (15:37)

Is There Any Hollywood Moment? (17:30)

How Bridget Keeps Her Money Mindset Strong and Why She Got Rid of Pinterest? (19:07)

Freedom Queen: Slim Team (24:26)

Did Bridget Hire Too Soon? (25:26)

What’s Next: Expanding The Reach and Growing Bigger (26:34)

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