How often do you find yourself avoiding discussions about money, feeling a wave of stress, when faced with financial matters in your business? In this episode, CEO Danielle Hayden is joined by Becky Clabaugh, a Financial Behavior Change Expert to explore the reasons behind the avoidance of money discussions among entrepreneurs. Becky shares her expertise as an emotional regulation expert, delving into the psychological aspects of our relationship with money and providing valuable insights on how to transform your approach to finances.

If you’re ready to unlock a healthier relationship with your finances and embrace your role as the CEO of your business, tune in now for strategies and empowering perspectives. Tune in now!


Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how cultivating a positive mindset is the key to unlocking financial success.
  • Building financial resilience and breaking free from money-related limiting beliefs.
  • How your feelings about money impact your decisions and overall financial well-being.
  • Gain insights on building financial confidence and transforming your money mindset.
  • Finding the sweet spot between logic and emotions for better financial decision-making.
  • Exploring the nature versus nurture aspect of one’s relationship with money and how early experiences and beliefs contribute to financial attitudes.


Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Emotional Flight OR Fight Around Money: Why Are We Here? (2:18)

Nature Over Nurture (4:55)

Goal Trauma and Financial Trauma: Is it Tough Even as an Expert? (6:21)

How Becky Started Her Journey? (08:03)

Knowing Your Numbers vs Following Intuition (10:44)

Heal: Money Trauma is Okay (11:56)

First Step of Transition: Awareness (14:22)

Mindset Mastery Framework (16:47)

Action Steps (17:50)

Second Action Step: Replace Wonder with Worry (20:03)

Actions Steps: Sympathetic VS Parasympathetic Nervous System (20:59)

Drinking To Cope with Something VS Drinking For Pleasure (23:12)

How to Manage Stress Around Numbers (25:07)

Celebrate and Reevaluate (27:09)


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