Today, we’re talking with wealth strategist and financial expert, Eunicia Peret! 

Listen in as she goes over what you should know when it comes to investments and financial planning in your business. Eunicia also shares her personal journey to entrepreneurship and how her past role in corporate America helped shape her outcome today. You’ll learn how you can form a strong financial team and how a strong money mindset can help set strategic goals that can lead to success.  

In this episode, Eunicia also discusses: 

  • Who you need on your financial team as an entrepreneur 
  • Why money mindset is so important 
  • Why you need to determine how much risk you’re willing to take 
  • Common pitfalls people make with their money when it comes to investments
  • How you can stop financial leakage
  • Metrics you should be looking at within your finances 

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