Are you struggling to step into your CEO mindset? Do you know the 5 biggest roadblocks stopping women in business? In this episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories, Anne Konkoly, a certified nurse and business coach, joins Danielle to share how one can become your boldest and most courageous self. Tune in to learn how to evolve your mindset and become the CEO of your business and life. 

Topics Discussed: 

Ann Konkoly’s Mission: Entrepreneurship and Business Coaching for Nurses (0:12) 

Starting a Small Private Practice and Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses Program (2:23)

Business Literacy and Creating the CEO Mindset (6:14)

Ann Konkoly’s 5P’s That Keep Women From Evolving Their CEO Mindset (7:45)

Biggest Roadblocks Stopping Women In Business (8:54)

Where Our Money Mindset Comes From & Money Mindset Framework (12:34)

Transitioning from Practitioner to CEO & Mindset Shifts (14:20)

You Already Are A CEO & Creating Change in One’s Life (17:30)

Indecision & its Cost in Business and Personal Life (22:10)

There is No Right or Wrong & Business Advice for CEOs (26:36)

Ask For Help: You Cannot Be Everything (29:09)


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