Ever wondered how you can use Google to boost your business’ online presence? In this episode, Mindy Kramer, CEO of 20Degrees Media joins Danielle to share valuable insights for boosting Google Business profiles. From maintaining consistent information to leveraging Google Voice, Mindy’s tips are a goldmine for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Tune in now for a dose of practical marketing strategies!

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Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Mindy’s Mission: Marketing Growth for Diverse Businesses (0:18)

Simple Business Strategies: How Mindy Works with Clients? (3:41)

Google Business Profiles: Importance and Action Steps  (7:10)

Significance of Business Naming in Branding and Establishing an Online Presence (9:24)

Money Mindset Mastery Framework (13:26)

Phone Number OR Google Voice for Businesses (14:30)

Google Business Profile: Google Hours and Photos (16:01)

Perry Shares Workshop Insights (21:05)

Using Numbers and Analytics for Business Decisions (23:55)

Book the Calls (26:13)

Numbers Impact on Money Mindset (28:20)

Hashtags: Perry’s Favourite Business Numbers (29:42)


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