Running a business can be overwhelming, after trial and error we have found a few tools that allow you to complete all your tasks and still keep your sanity. Here are our team’s top tools we can’t live without:


Number One: Zoom – Zoom allows us to break the barrier. Our team is fully virtual and we serve clients all over the world, having a consistent connection with clients is a top priority!

Number Two: Trello – Trello is an online project manager, allowing users to create endless boards with lists, cards, and assign tasks to team members. This has helped our operations, marketing, and podcast teams communicate and work together effectively even when we are 100% remote!

Number Three: Voxer – Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that makes our team feel like they are just a cubicle away. Sometimes, an email is just too much.

Number Four: QuickBooks Online – Switching to online is a key component in allowing our bookkeepers to work smoothly so we are able to have access wherever we are. QB Desktop keeps your financials chained to your office.

Number Five: Dubsado – When you run a service-based business it is important to be responsive and consistent in giving clients the tools they need to utilize your services. We use Dubsado to keep our backend workflows in motion (think appointment scheduling, contract signing, etc.) while reducing the busy work for our team. Interested in Dubsado for your CRM use code KICKSTART15 for 15% off your first month.

Number Six: Gusto – A go-to platform for payroll services. We use Gusto to help coordinate our Referral Program, it keeps track of everything you need to make payouts a breeze.

Number Seven: Freshbooks – Spreadsheets are okay but having one account that holds time tracking and invoicing is a game-changer as your business grows! This is a great tool to use for setting up recurring invoice options! 


We hope these tools can help you get your management goals on track in 2022! What tools do you use nonstop??? Let us know in the comments below.