In this episode of “Entrepreneur Money Stories”, Danielle is joined by Tanessa, a health consultant for 6- and 7-figure earners and host of The Becoming Limitless Podcast, to discuss different strategies to heighten your energy and focus to bring success to your business. As business owners, we get so passionate about our craft and hustle that sometimes it can lead to overwork, lack of concentration or energy, and even burnout, neglecting the greatest asset our business has—our mind. Tanessa empathizes that sleep is not something to take lightly but a critical step in setting your brain to function at its full potential and how good-quality sleep can boost your creativity, problem-solving skills, divergent thinking, and productivity. She shares how to best set up your bedtime routine, which foods to eat and which to avoid, as well as tools to help us improve our energy and become more productive and successful business owners.


Topics discussed:

Intro (0:00)
Your brain is the greatest asset your business has. (2:44)
Aura ring as a way to measure our quality of sleep. (5:31)
What is REM sleep, and how does it impact your business? (7:22)
Bedtime Routine: Dos and Don’ts (10:31)
Circadian rhythm and ways of triggering your brain to slow down (11:42)
How late exercise and food can alter good sleep (14:40)
Ways to mitigate disrupting factors (16:37)
Finding your Money Mindset personality type (18:20)
Alcohol as a sedative and how it influences REM sleep (19:39)
Start implementing consistency at bedtime to see fast results (22:35)
Adjusting your sleep time with chronobiology (23:34)
Ways to know if you are sleeping at the right time (25:09)
What to eat for breakfast to feel satiated and maintain energy stability (26:43)
Healthy breakfasts and the truth about carbohydrates (28:47)
Importance of blood sugar stability and inflammatory effects of meals (31:03)
Monitoring fight or flight response using heart rate on food adaptability (32:56)
Evaluating your diet and the consumption of whole foods (34:51)
Advice on caffeine: when to drink coffee (37:24)
How to elevate your energy levels through resilience (39:37)
Conclusion (41:25)
Get in touch with Tanessa and The Becoming Limitless Podcast (43:08)


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