We hear from clients all the time that ‘Cash is King’ – we decided to go into how you should be treating that ca$h. 
💵💵 Four Forces of Cashflow 💵💵 
1 – Taxes 
Fear is the word most associated with taxes, whether it be fear of paying in, fear of write-offs, or the fear of knowing what you will owe. One thing is for certain – you will be paying taxes so you better prep, 
2 – Debt 
No longer is debt the gloomy cloud Dave Ramsey created. Debt is an empowerment tool, something to be thankful for as your business is allowed to grow.
3 – Core Capital Target 
If you need help getting started here check out Kelsey & Danielle’s episode: Atomic Habits 
4 – Profits 
After looking at the other forces it is time to discuss the equation that will guide you into distributing your wealth (not only to you but to your employees and your business.) 
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