In today’s business landscape, many individuals stumble upon entrepreneurship unexpectedly. Learn how radical ownership empowers business owners to take charge of their decisions and encourages their employees to do the same. In service-based industries, where customer experiences can be challenging due to unpredictability, embracing radical ownership becomes even more crucial. Explore the idea of doing what you can, not just what you should do, to ensure exceptional customer service and business growth.

Women In Wealth Initiative 

The Women In Wealth initiative was born out of Bernadette and Michelle’s shared experiences as main income earners in their households. They wanted to create a safe community dedicated to supporting women who find themselves in similar roles. As the dynamics of wealth shift more and more often into the hands of women, it is essential to change the way we approach money. Gain valuable insights into financial planning, investment strategies, account management, and savings, all while being guided by female financial advisors and like-minded women seeking smart money choices.

Action Steps to Take Now

Take action now by understanding where you stand financially and where you want to be. Whether you and your partner are excelling in business or facing challenges, setting financial goals together is crucial. Even if one person handles the day-to-day budget, it’s essential for both partners to have a comprehensive understanding of their family’s financial situation. Building a strong money team, including a tax strategist, bookkeeper, and financial advisor, ensures you stay on track and avoid future missteps. Learn how viewing your family’s income from a business perspective can increase its effectiveness.

Keeping a Strong Money Mindset

Maintaining a healthy money mindset is like embarking on a fitness journey. Rather than diving in headfirst, take the time to gradually develop good money habits. Accept that you can’t excel in everything at once and focus on what matters most. Building a healthy money mindset requires ongoing exercise and accountability. Discover the benefits of sharing your goals with a trusted friend to keep you motivated and on track. Together, we can nurture a positive relationship with money and strive for financial well-being.

Unlock the potential of compound investing and witness how small, consistent efforts can yield significant results. Banish the fear of starting with too little, as compounding money is a proven mathematical equation that can profoundly impact your net worth over time. Don’t let any confidence gaps hold you back. Start today, and with perseverance and discipline, watch your confidence and wealth grow. Remember, it’s never too late to embark on your financial journey.

Join us for an episode filled with practical advice, inspirational stories, and actionable steps to empower entrepreneurs and women in wealth. Embrace the concept of radical ownership, explore the Women In Wealth initiative, understand the importance of a strong money mindset, and witness the transformative power of compound investing. Tune in now to take control of your business, finances, and future.

Key Points

[02:55] Radical ownership: what it means and where it came from 

[09:36] The Women In Wealth Initiative 

[16:14] What action steps can you take right now?

[24:40] Improving and keeping a strong money mindset 

[28:49] The power of compound investing 

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