Are you trying to force wealth and success? Is your nervous system working against you in business? In this episode of Entrepreneur Money Stories, Alison Reeves, a seasoned mindset and business coach, joins Danielle Hayden to explore how to empower individuals to expand their wealth by balancing masculine strategy and female energy in business and life. Don’t forget to check out Alison Reeves course and Danielle’s guest lesson in it!

Topics Discussed: 

Intro (0:00)

Alison Reeves journey so far and mission (0:20)

Masculine and Feminine energy in business (1:40)

Alison Reeves’ Aligned & Affluent Course and Holistic Approach to Money Mindset (3:45)

Nervous system regulation in entrepreneurship: Emotional Balancing and Manifesting (5:58)

Money Mindset Personality Type (08:12)

Transformation: More wealth with less force and Holistic Success (09:12)

Alison Reeves’ Aligned & Affluent Course in detail (13:31) 

Danielle’s guest lesson in Alison’s course: Money Mindset (15:22)

Connect with Allison (19:35)

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